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Get Started Trading Electricity

Get Started Trading Electricity2024-01-04T19:12:33+00:00

A Fairer Way to Deal With Electricity

Localvolts is an electricity trading platform that gives you control over who you buy your electricity from and how much you pay. If you are generating your own electricity, then you can also control who you sell it to and for how much.

Getting started with Localvolts is easy. The first step is to sign up and create an account.

Creating Your Account

The process of signing up and creating your account is very much the same process as registering with any other electricity retailer. Simply follow this link to our “Join the Localvolts Marketplace” page, and decide between an online or an offline registration.

Whether you use a paper form, or a digital form, your registration will be reviewed and a member of our team will process your transfer to the Localvolts platform. We may reach out to you at this point to request more information or to confirm some details to ensure that your account is set up correctly.

Once this process is complete, your electricity account will be moved from your existing retailer to Localvolts, and you will be able to participate in the Localvolts Marketplace.

The Marketplace

Once your transfer is complete, the Localvolts team will provide you with your login credentials to the Localvolts Marketplace app.

The first screen you see will be the “My Position” screen in the “My Energy section”. This screen will show exactly what is happening now. The large number in the centre shows your overall financial position. In the example image below, this participant is spending 21.67c per hour on electricity. The figure to the right shows the current imports and related CO2 emissions.

Localvolts p2p electricity trading dashboard

The rest of the “My Energy” section provides a variety of graphs and tables that give you insights into your electricity import, export, emissions and financial performance. These screens include:

  • Position Breakdown (all purchases and sales broken down by category)
  • My Activity (a graphical representation of your imports and exports across a timeline)
  • My prices (each purchase and sale for your selected date range)
  • My Network (a diagram that shows you where you sit in the electricity network)
  • My Trades (details of all trades that you have made in the marketplace)

Participating in the Marketplace

The facility or facilities that you identified in the registration process will already be connected to your account, so you will be able to begin buying and selling electricity immediately. Your initial preferences will already be set to find you the cheapest deals available anywhere in the market, and will default to the wholesale price if no P2P energy is available.

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