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Build relationships and make connections through the grid.

Employee and Customer
Rewards and Benefits

Localvolts is a peer to peer marketplace, which means that you can sell electricity to anyone you want, at any price you choose. You can even give it away for free to specific people or groups of people.

The community functionality built into the Localvolts app. makes it easy to create and manage groups of people. Define special prices, (both for buying and selling), and communicate easily and transparently.

Flexible Energy Networks

For an organisation looking to build and strengthen relationships and networks, Localvolts opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Supported by the security of the national grid, the Localvolts market allows you to connect people, create groups and communities and control the way your organisation manages energy.

Virtual micro-grids for Australia's energy infrastructure

Build Your Own Features

Our powerful API and flexible market mechanics make it possible for you to integrate Localvolts into your own applications, or even add functionality for your people via an integration.

Talk to our commercial services team to find out how your ideas can become a reality in the Localvolts marketplace.

Talk to us about how Localvolts can support your Organisation!

Localvolts gives you control and flexibility to offer the energy you generate to whom you
want, at the price you want. For more information about how we can support your
organisation, contact our commercial services team.