Join the Localvolts Alpha field trial

What is the Localvolts field trial?

The first version (Alpha) of the Localvolts electricity exchange platform is currently running in test mode. Our first goal was to test the system with a limited number of participants to assess basic performance and functionality. The first phase of testing has been a success, and we are moving on to the field trial stage.

A few things to keep in mind

This is pretend only: no money is actually transacted in this trial system nor are you switched to a new electricity provider.

You will need to have a property connected to the electricity grid in the eastern states (National Electricity Market), and you have that if you currently receive an electricity bill from an authorised electricity retailer, e.g. AGL, energy Australia, Powershop, etc.

If you live elsewhere, you can still observe the market, but cannot trade electricity .

We have created a totally new way of dealing with electricity, so you will find it unfamiliar, maybe even a bit disconcerting, and certainly different to the way you have been dealing with your existing electricity supplier.

Our goal in building Localvolts was to give you complete control and absolute transparency in all things electricity.

Let us know if we succeeded.

About Localvolts

Localvolts is a new peer to peer electricity exchange for buying and selling energy. It will give you control over who you buy electricity from, who you sell your generated electricity to and for how much, and it will provide complete transparency throughout the entire process.