National Meter Identifier

Your first facility or facilities will already have been set up in the registration process, so you do not need to complete this step if you have just transferred to Localvolts. However, at some stage you may wish to add additional properties or generators.

A facility is anything with a NMI (National Meter Identifier) attached to it. It might be a property that consumes electricity, or a generator that feeds energy back into the grid, or in some cases both.

Navigate to the Facilities menu and click Add Facility. This will open a form where you can add the address of your property. Enter your address in the usual format in the “Full Address Lookup” field at the top of the form. (i.e. Number, Street, Suburb, State, Postcode – separated by commas.) This will auto-populate each specific field below. Please check each field carefully to make sure everything is correct.

Once your address is entered correctly, click the “Find NMI” button, and your NMI will be displayed.

The final step is to enter a “Facility Name”. This is a personal identifier for your own usage, so you can easily differentiate this property against others that you may wish to add later.

If your property also has a generator (e.g. a solar array) then the next screen will ask you if you also wish to register the property as a generator. By enabling this option, you will also be able to sell electricity from the same facility.

Once you have successfully registered to buy electricity you can start buying and selling electricity.