Your Price

Choose who you buy your energy from, and control the prices you pay.

Sybella, Sydney Resident who wants the cheapest electricity

Sybella is a retiree living in an apartment in Sydney. She wants to buy the cheapest energy in the market. Localvolts finds her the cheapest electricity, which is from a combination of renewable and coal fired power plants.

Max, Renewable Energy Consumer

Max used to buy 100% GreenPower from an existing retailer. He moved to Localvolts to better direct his energy dollar. Max is a friend of Charlotte and Roger so his first preference is to buy from them. His next preference is to buy from his neighbours, followed by the large renewable power plants. Localvolts matched up Max to the producers of renewable energy according to his preferences, but due to the mismatch in timing of Max’s energy consumption, and the renewable energy generation, Localvolts had to source energy from coal-fired power plants to meet Max’s energy requirements.

Solar Flares, Community Energy Group

A number of like-minded people in Victoria invested in a solar farm near Ballarat. The members will buy energy at a special price from their own power plant.

Sophie, Bronwyn, Tony, Nick, and Cory, Coal Miners

Sophie, Bronwyn, Tony, Nick, and Cory come from a long line of coal miners, and they want to ensure that their energy dollars are directed to coal-fired power plants only.