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Buying solar energy2023-06-13T10:03:50+00:00
Take advantage of

Australia’s Abundant
Solar Energy

Switch to Localvolts and buy your electricity from people with rooftop solar panels.

Managing multiple properties on the p2p market
Buy Solar from other participants

Apartments and homes can now join the renewable energy revolution!

Even if you don’t own solar panels, you can still benefit from cheap, renewable energy by buying from other households in the Localvolts marketplace.

  • Set limits on how much you want to pay

  • Support the transition to renewable energy without the need to invest in solar panels

  • Choose who you buy from

  • Benefit from wholesale prices

Better choices and control over your energy

Take Control
Over Your Prices

An open marketplace for individual energy producers, to sell electricity directly to other individuals at prices both parties agree on.

Community energy networks

Family, Friends and

You can create an energy network with your mates, support a community project, buy electricity from local generators in your postcode, or simply look for the cleanest or the cheapest deal available.

Cleaner energy future

Create Your Own
Energy Policy

Choose the type of energy generation that you would like to support by buying directly from the generator. Support renewables, reduce wastage and even support community groups and projects.

A fairer way to deal with energy, without retail margins or hidden fees

Localvolts is a fairer way to do electricity, where you have control over prices, and who you buy from and sell to.

Registration takes just a few minutes, no lock in contracts, no cancellation fees!

Start doing energy the way YOU want to!

Frequently asked questions

Can I join the Localvolts peer to peer energy market if I don’t have solar panels?2023-05-03T06:40:13+00:00

Yes. Anyone who consumes electricity can join. As a consumer, you can choose who you buy electricity from and at what price. You might support your local community, or decide to support suppliers based on the environmental impact of the generators.

Localvolts is just as much about providing you choice and control over the electricity that you consume, as it is about creating a fair market for producers to sell their excess energy.

If Localvolts is successful, and consumer start to buy energy from household generators rather than large companies, who will pay for the grid and infrastructure?2023-05-03T06:41:00+00:00

The existing power grid and industry structure is organised for large generators to make energy and have it delivered via high and low voltage networks to consumers – it is a unidirectional model where the industry makes all the decisions.

With consumers becoming active participants, the power networks will have to adjust to bi-directional energy flows – this is more a mindset issue for the networks in our opinion; the engineering is not that hard. The power networks’ role is essential in the new energy world; they just have to adapt a bit.

Our view is that anyone who uses the grid must pay for it, and our business model ensures that this happens. The debate will be around for what services, and how much? We will help in this by providing full transparency – no more bundled prices allowing some people to make up their own facts.

As for the large generators, well, they’ve had the market to themselves for long enough; they’ll have to learn to share.

Which states does Localvolts operate in?2023-05-03T06:41:09+00:00

Grid connected customers in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania can join Localvolts. Victorian residents have to wait until we receive our electricity licence from the Essential Services Commission.

What are the costs involved to get started with Localvolts.2023-05-03T06:41:18+00:00

The Localvolts bill will identify all of the costs involved in consuming electricity which include grid charges, metering fees, renewable certificates, energy cost, etc.

You will know exactly what all of the charges are, and to whom you are paying them.

For more information, visit our How it Works page.

What happens if I consume more energy than I originally bought in my matched purchase? Or consume less than originally purchased?2023-05-03T06:41:30+00:00

All imported energy in excess of your original matched quantity is bought from the wholesale spot energy market operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

If you imported less energy than originally agreed, then you will pay for the actual (reduced) quantity of energy at the agreed matched price.

Your physical electricity supply will not be affected in either case.

Are the sources I would be buying from residential producers, or do they include large generators as well?2023-05-03T06:41:47+00:00

Our market is built for everyone and we are working to bring on a diverse group of buyers and sellers. Currently, all sellers are households.

Can I buy clean energy?2023-05-03T06:41:56+00:00

Yes. All sellers in our marketplace provide energy from zero greenhouse gas emissions sources. As the Localvolts marketplace grows, so does the supply of renewable energy, making it easier for you to buy more green energy.

If there is no peer-to-peer energy available, you will buy from the wholesale spot energy market operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). This energy is sourced from a mix of generators producing varying levels of emissions.

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