Localvolts Bulletin - P2P electricity market

The Localvolts electricity marketplace is a place for everyone to fully control their energy sales and purchases. Now this control extends to determining one’s emissions footprint.

Participants can track the quantity and source of their Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, or CO2e, emissions. We do this by modelling every single generator in the National Electricity Market and computing its power and emissions output.

And like everything else in the marketplace, we do all of this in real-time.

This concludes our work on the Alpha version of the Localvolts marketplace; we are now moving on to building the Beta version where you will be able to actually buy and sell electricity.

We invite everyone to visit, and if you haven’t done so already, register on https://app.localvolts.com to see your emissions footprint. Participation in Alpha is obligation free.

We’ll let you know when we are ready to accept people on Beta.

Talk to us about how Localvolts can help you to take control of your energy!

Localvolts gives you control and flexibility to buy energy from the providers that you want to support, and to offer the energy you generate to whom you
want, at the price you want.

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