Some years ago, we set out on a journey to give all of you direct access to our wholesale electricity market, and also let you have the freedom to share, buy, or sell energy on your own terms. We believe the control of your energy should be with you, not with large energy companies.

Our vision has now become a reality for the majority of Australians.

The home page on Localvolts’ website gives you a peek into the activities of your neighbours.

We have people living in Adelaide and Hobart selling their electricity to southeast Queenslanders; families sharing their energy; sons charging their electric cars at their mum’s place using their own energy; apartment dwellers consuming solar energy; multiple property owners trading energy between their residence and investment properties to achieve better financial outcomes; and everyone benefitting from directly accessing the wholesale spot energy prices at times of their own choosing.

These opportunities are available to everyone living in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, and TAS.

As for our Victorian compatriots, after examining our retailer licence application for three years, that state’s energy regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC), decided that Victorians would not be interested nor benefit from such opportunities. Now it is up to those of us outside of Victoria to prove them wrong.

Our research tells us that Localvolts is unique in the world in offering all of you, the opportunity to do your own thing in energy – yes, we are locals taking on big energy together.

Whether you live in an apartment, or have a solar PV on your house, or have a battery, or have an electric car, we invite to you join your neighbours in your local electricity marketplace.

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Localvolts gives you control and flexibility to buy energy from the providers that you want to support, and to offer the energy you generate to whom you
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