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Localvolts Electricity Market is open

The Electricity Market is Now Open to EVERYONE

…not Just Big Business

Localvolts has created a unified electricity and derivatives marketplace for everyone, where individuals are in control.
Localvolts allows you to create your own energy policy and participate in a marketplace that is open and fair.

  • A real-time two-way as-contracted electricity and futures exchange settling at 30-minute and 5-minute intervals
  • Preference-based matching and clearing engine for every current and future interval at each metering point

  • Live forecasts and trading at each metering point and every interval for more than 20 years in the future

  • Private markets for families and communities

  • Licensed by energy and financial regulators

localvolts has no contract lock-in

Set Your Own Buy and Sell Prices

Take control over the prices you pay and the prices you sell for.

An open marketplace for producers, both business and individuals, to sell electricity at prices they control. No more feed-in tariffs or power purchase agreements.

Family, Friends and Community

You decide who you trade with!

Trade energy with your mates, support a local community wind farm, buy electricity from your postcode or simply look for the cleanest or the cheapest deals available in the Localvolts marketplace.

Create Your Own Energy Policy

Create your own energy policy!

Choose the type of energy generation that you would like to support by buying directly from the generator. This gives you the control to support renewables, reduce wastage by buying locally and even support community groups and projects.

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