Localvolts partners with Powston

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with POWSTON, who have integrated their home energy management solution with the Localvolts API. POWSTON delivers an advanced early warning system designed to monitor fluctuations in buy and sell rates.

The POWSTON solution connects to inverters via serial RS485/Modbus, delivering data in a Home-Assistant compatible format. While Home Assistant is compatible, it is not required to utilise the solution. Compatible batteries include: GoodWe, LG, and Sungrow and other brands such as DEYE and Fronius are on the way.

The system also features controls through relays and open source hardware that can manage home or business loads, significantly reducing the risk of bill shock due to peak energy prices.

Commenting on the partnership, Ian Connor, CTO, POWSTON said:

“AEMO’s spot prices are a wild ride with potentially dramatic price fluctuations every 5 minute interval. Using the Localvolts API, we’re able to respond to these price changes within just 20 seconds of each new interval. This helps us protect and improve how our customers use and sell electricity.”

For more information about the POWSTON home energy management solution, visit their website at https://powston.com.au/.

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