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Better feed-in solar prices

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Feed-in Price!

Sell your excess solar into the Localvolts marketplace at prices you control!

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Better feed-in solar prices
localvolts has no contract lock-in

No more “take it or leave it” Feed-in Tariffs!

Localvolts is a fair way to do electricity. Registering takes just a few minutes, no lock in contracts, no cancellation fees!

  • Sell electricity at market prices

  • Choose who you buy energy from

  • Access the wholesale market

  • No lock-in or cancellation fees

peer to peer trader

“I’m consistently getter better prices than my old feed-in tariff.  Last month, I sold my excess solar for 18c/kWh on the Localvolts marketplace.

So glad I made the switch!”

G. Thorpe – NSW

peer to peer trader

“I sold my excess solar for 18c/kWh last month on the Localvolts marketplace.

So glad I made the switch!”

G. Thorpe – NSW

Selling electricity in the Localvolts marketplace

The Localvolts App Makes it Easy!

Use the Localvolts app to offer your excess electricity to other participants in the marketplace, at the prices you think are fair!

Or set your target prices and let the Localvolts app find the highest bidder for you.

Frequently asked questions

What are the expected returns or savings for a Localvolts Customer?2022-10-04T21:30:31+00:00

The concept behind Localvolts is to create a fair and transparent marketplace for electricity. We strongly believe that the current prices of electricity are higher than they should be, especially for customers who are producing electricity for themselves. You will be making your own decisions regarding prices and energy sources. The actual outcomes will depend on the marketplace. This should deliver a better outcome for you.

What are the costs involved to get started with Localvolts.2022-10-04T21:30:42+00:00

The Localvolts bill will identify all of the costs involved in consuming electricity which include grid charges, metering fees, renewable certificates, energy cost, etc.

You will know exactly what all of the charges are, and to whom you are paying them.

For more information, visit our How it Works page.

I have rooftop solar, and produce excess energy during the day. Can you help me to get a better price for my excess energy?2022-10-04T21:30:55+00:00

Yes. You are in total control of your energy sales with Localvolts: you will set your own sale price(s), and decide who receives your offer(s) – meaning you will be able to do a direct deal with your own customers. This should naturally give you a better price for your excess energy.

What happens if I consume more energy than I originally bought in my matched purchase? Or consume less than originally purchased?2022-10-04T21:31:10+00:00

All imported energy in excess of your original matched quantity is bought from the wholesale spot energy market operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

If you imported less energy than originally agreed, then you will pay for the actual (reduced) quantify of energy at the agreed matched price.

Your physical electricity supply will not be affected in either case.

How do you treat negative prices?2022-10-04T21:31:20+00:00

Negative prices for energy are normal and we pass them through the same way as positive energy prices. With negative energy prices, the effect on the producers and consumers of energy are reversed: generators pay out cash for their exported energy, while consumers receive cash for their imported energy.

In the wholesale spot energy market, prices become negative when there is excess generation in the system.

Persons with generators in the Localvolts market can also offer their energy at negative prices to transfer cash to the targeted consumer(s).

How often must I make buy/sell decisions? Is it something I can set up once and leave alone?2022-10-04T21:31:38+00:00

We encourage you to go through the buy (or sell) process at least once to set up your preferences with auto-renewals. With auto-renewals enabled, the system will continue to buy (or sell) on your behalf without any further action required from you. Naturally, you can stop or modify your preference set up at any time.

Join the Localvolts Marketplace

The Localvolts Marketplace is open for residents and businesses in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, or Tasmania.

To join the market, we ask you to submit a registration form. You can do that online, or by downloading our registration pack, and sending us your completed registration form by post or email.

Online Registration

Submit an online registration form to begin your registration process today.

Register Online

Offline Registration (PDF)

Download a registration pack and submit your registration via email or post.

Register Offline

Localvolts is a new type of energy retailer we do not provide you a fixed electricity tariff. Once you are a Localvolts customer you will be able to enter an open electricity marketplace where your outcomes will depend on your energy usage and production profiles, your preferences, and the market. Before you complete this application form you should read the following documents Localvolts-How it Works and Localvolts Market Retail Contract.

To complete the application form you will need your Medicare card for identification purposes and a recent electricity bill or your National Meter Identifier (NMI). If you want to know how Localvolts collect, use and disclose your personal and credit information please read the Localvolts-Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy.

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