The electricity market is changing…

Localvolts opens it up to everyone!

Localvolts is an electricity marketplace where you can control whom you trade with and the price you buy and sell for.

Three reasons you’ll like Localvolts

Better deal on feed-in tariffs

Take Control Over Your Prices

An open marketplace for producers, both business and individuals, to sell electricity at prices they control. No more feed-in tariffs or power purchase agreements.

Better feed-in tarrifs electricity

Family, Friends and Community

You can create a virtual micro-grid with your mates, support a community wind farm, buy electricity from local generators in your postcode, or simply look for the cleanest or the cheapest deal available.

Better energy policy

Create Your Own Energy Policy

Choose the type of energy generation that you would like to support by buying directly from the generator. This gives you the control to support renewables, reduce wastage by buying locally and even support community groups and projects.

Try the Localvolts Market for Free!

The Localvolts market is a fairer way to manage your electricity, where you can easily control prices and monitor your consumption and production in real time.

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Monitor your electricity consumption and production in real time


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The Localvolts peer to peer electricity marketplace is developing rapidly and we will soon be registering our first customers.

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